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Kylie's Big Roolloon Butt (Now With Fwoomped Head & Gut) by Roozard

Kylie's Big Roolloon Butt (Now With Fwoomped Head & Gut)


Sometimes you just wanna cuddle up with your huge quadruped Roo 'n give him smooches..~ And sometimes when you give him smooches you may feel like puffing up that big-rumped Roo like a colossal balloon, or maybe she's just really belchy after eating a big lunch..~ Either way now here we are, all those cute chubby fennec puffs in Roo have begun expanding from the heat of his exorbitantly swollen frame basking in the sun, the helpless Roolloon unable to so much as blink at this point from the mounting pressure forcing it's way into his blimped head and distended middle.. That ballooned marsupial a constant consonance of resounding creaks and groaning, body puffed tenuously taut from the hot air forcing itself throughout his frame, mind muddled and thoughts incoherent from the overwhelming tingling sensation and warmth washing across his entire distended immensity as a result of the incomprehensible pressure.. Features fighting for space with one another, body straining and swelling further by the second.. Meanwhile Kylie has found herself nestled cozily betwixt a balloon and a soft place, sandwiched in plush, crrking softness between that distended Roo chin and blimping gut, our arms wrapped around one another as best we can manage.. I'd wag my tail if I could..~ 💜💦

A wonderful commission drawn up by: The-furry-railfan
Artist upload can be found: HERE
Kylie Fennec belongs to: Gecko~ 💛