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Kylie's Big Roolloon Butt by Roozard

Kylie's Big Roolloon Butt


Sometimes you just wanna cuddle up with your huge quadruped Roo 'n give him smooches..~ And sometimes when you give him smooches you may feel like puffing up that big-rumped Roo like a colossal balloon, or maybe she's just really belchy after eating a big lunch..~ Either way now here we are, I can't see the ground past my creaking gut, the sun's blocked out by my ballooning butt, and she's still goin'.. Our cheeks puffed, arms wrapped around one another as best we can manage.. I'd wag my tail if I could..~ 💜💦

A wonderful commission drawn up by: The-furry-railfan
Artist upload can be found: HERE~
Kylie Fennec belongs to: Gecko~ 💛