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Large Lopbelly by Roozard

Large Lopbelly


When you're only 3'6"Ft, it's pretty easy to wind up immobile after a meal when you tend to have an appetite like Lop's, poor 'lil fella must've gone to a big 'ol picnic and ate the whole thing, baskets and all! Or maybe they got a huge drink on a hot Summer's day, it's hard to tell with all that tum in the way! Now the little abashed glutton is so full with their yogaball of a belly they can scarcely manage to waddle a few short steps at a time! I'm sure they'd appreciate it if you would pick them up (if you can), and carry them to the next place where they can grab a good bite to eat~

This was drawn up in a recent Drawpile by Loom, he made the adorable sketch and I followed it up with colors, I hope you all enjoy~