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Snug Roolloon Sandwich by Roozard

Snug Roolloon Sandwich


As Roo sat comfortably in his humble abode that bordered the crowded treeline, he'd noticed that nobody had been around for quite some time.. the house was empty, which was more than abnormal, even on a warm Summer's afternoon. Silent enough that the large roo could hear the rustling of the trees outside as the breeze jostled them amongst one another. Normally there would be an abundance of hefty, weighty stomping, a myriad of chatter and play amongst his fellow fluffballs, and the delightful chubby Gecko he adored so much, but nobody was to be found through the entirety of the home, nor outside! Suddenly.. BAM! The sound of a tremendous explosion akin to a tire abruptly bursting emanated from nearby, causing Roo to leap from his seat in surprise! Shortly after..- BLAM! Another- POW!! And another! Each seemed louder than the last as Roo hastily left the home and bolted his way towards the noise in the grassy knolls with curious, anxious anticipation. Before long two mischievous foxes, Saturn and Venus, had set upon him as if from nowhere, popping an odd, spherical fruit into his muzzle before forcing it closed, and the alien fruit down his gullet. His belly belly quickly begun to hiss, it burbled, and groaned loud roars of disgruntled protest to the strange food it had just been given. As the sounds grew louder Roo felt his paunch begin to distend, bloat, and expand rapidly before his very eyes, soon the engorged marsupial found himself barely able to move his cramped frame the expansion spread throughout his ballooning body, his features disproportionately expanding until every part of him was utterly useless, squirking and creaking loudly with every attempt he made at moving. The foxes smirked smugly at the immobile Roo and the predicament he'd now found himself in, they embraced him, linking their paws as his body continued to expand, bulging around their lean frames as they began to squeeze, pressing hard, then harder.. and..-! BLAM!! Yellow, pink, and crimson tatters of the ex-roolloon rained down around the two pleased foxes, satisfied with their work and the collection of 'balloon' remnants they now had strewn before them in the grassy field. Looking to one another they raised a brow, smirked once more, before high-pawing together and meandering off to find more balloons to pop into a disarray of tatters and scraps.

This picture was a gift from my good friend Kbryme who doodled up the original sketch looking for someone to fill the spot in the middle, and upon my request, happily plopped my plump, puffy Roolloon into place! I hope you all enjoy my shiny, squeaky Roo as much as I do!

The colors, shading, background, and short story are my handiwork~