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Bursting with Mallows! by Roozard

Bursting with Mallows!


Late at night if you're caught wondering the moonlit hills outside of town on Halloween there's no telling what the ghosts 'n ghouls might do to you.. Especially if you have a sweet tooth! That straining, distended belly of the massive marsupial steadily growing larger, groaning all the louder, and stretching ever more taut with every last morsel that's forcibly shoved into it's cramped confines.. how many more he can handle? Who knows how many marshmallows have been shoved into the poor Roo, hide taut as a drum, about to burst..~

This spoopy picture was a sketch from my good friend Maggie from quite some time ago! I thought it only fitting to join in on the Halloween festivities and finish it up~ And dun' worry, he's loving every second of it..~

Origional Sketch was drawn by Maggie~
Colors, shading, ect, was my handiwork~