Macro Sissy Roo by Roozard

Macro Sissy Roo


7 April 2017 at 02:51:01 MDT

Well then, looks like a certain rambunctious Roo in in search of attention, 'n he'll do just about anything to get it! ..Including leveling half of the city, it seems. uwu; But when a big sissy Roo wants some smooches 'n cuddles, one way or another he's gonna get 'em~!

This's an absolutely adorable picture my dear friend Jouigi drew for me when I wasn't feeling too amazing, and I can't thank him enough for being so sweet~ <3 If ya like adorable, plump, padded pictures, I suggest ya go Watch 'em over on FA~ <3


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    Aww you never sees to amaze me Roozard

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      Daww, thankies~! <3

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    Well, you are like, 30 times the size, but I'll try it