Roo's Night in the Woods by Roozard

Roo's Night in the Woods


26 March 2017 at 17:24:21 MDT

This's an absolutely adorable commission I purchased from Kylestudios~ I adored it so much I added in a background, text, 'n some other 'lil things, and I've gotta say that I'm beyond happy with it~ <3

Darn it, Roo. I know you get the munchies from time to time (all the time) at parties, but that food was for everyone! ..Speaking of which, where'd they all go? ..Roo?

Artist's Upload: Here.


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    Bro. Night in the woods is an emotional rollercoaster. It was like knowing parts of me I didn't know existed

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      It's such a fantastic game~ <3

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        It is! It has me thinking about life sometimes too