Disproportionate Blimpage! by Roozard

Disproportionate Blimpage!


24 March 2017 at 13:07:12 MDT

Nothing makes a Roo happier than disproportionate inflation, and all it takes is one look to tell he is one heck of a happy Roolloon right now~ Go ahead, clamber on up that massive, blimped lower body of his 'n give 'em a hug! (While you're at it, feel free to give 'em a few more dozen pumps~)

This's the full-body remake of This Picture that Kyle had drawn some years ago now, but Kitami-kitsune was insurmountably sweet, and commissioned an updated picture to get the full view of that blimped body of Roo's~ I've been in love with this picture since I first set eyes on it, and I adore it to pieces~ Thank you so much for getting it for me, and thank you too Kyle for doing such an amazing job on it~ <3

Art by: Kylestudios

Artist Upload: Here
Older Version: Here