Humongous Lemmy Blob by Roozard

Humongous Lemmy Blob


17 November 2016 at 09:49:09 MST

Looks like Lemmy's found himself in another fairly flabby situation! Too obese 'n doughy to move, I'm sure he's a prime candidate for belly and rump snugs, as well as plenty more feeding~ A face that adorable deserves more food! <3

An absolutely amazing picture drawn by Cursoryexploration who wanted to cheer me up, and succeeded immensely~ Thank you again~ <3


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    So large and so fluffy! I just wanna hug'em!

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      If ya do you might just make 'em even floofier~

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        I like those odds! :3

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    This is adorable and so cute, agh it's too much ❤️W❤️

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      Super duper adorable Lemmy blob~ <3