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Big Booty Roo Squish by Roozard

Big Booty Roo Squish


As Drake lay basking in the welcoming Summer's afternoon sun upon his own personal blanket of soft grass, the ground quaked rhythmically with the hefty footfall of a gargantuan, towering, obscenely obese Roo. Unbeknownst to Drake how close the 'sneaking' marsupial was, as he lay sprawled across the grass, eyes closed and purring with delight at his comfy position. Suddenly, the plump feline noticed he had been encompassed in shade, despite the fact not a single tree had made it's home anywhere near him. Opening his eyes to see an unbelivibly massive, wobbling, hefty Roo rump looming over him.

He gulped and flicked his tail about in anticipation before Roo let his legs out from under him, dropping straight down on top of his fluffy feline friend, completely flattening him in an instant with a loud THUD that rung out through the grassy valley, along with a loud Shrrrriip! as Roo's already taut jeans gave way to some extent in the back, ripping between his plump, wobbling buns. Roo let out a delighted huff as he ground his tremendous jiggling ass over Drake in the crater his insurmountable weight had made before rolling back and forth repeatedly until he was able to use his momentum to find his way back to his feet.

Peering back, unable to see past his immense, excessively wide rump, he saw just a hint of Drake's unflattened tail, twitching with both daze and delight from the experience. The barely conscious kitty purring with joy as he lay flattened as a pancake in the crater.

A wonderful picture commissioned from Geckomania, go check out his amazing work if you haven't already~

Roo and Drake belong to me.
Short story written by me.