Jouigi's Birthday Surprise! by Roozard

As daybreak arose over a quaint, little town, the leisurely emerging sun peaked over the horizon, bathing the land with the first golden rays of sunlight. In a neat little cul de sac birds began to flutter about, meanwhile crickets quieted themselves, morning dew glistening by the first waking rays of sunlight reflecting off them. All the while a rather plump, green dragon lay sleeping soundly in his oversized bed. The wooden frame gnarled from countless after-binge food comas, with the mattress practically laying on the ground.

Jouigi, the dragon, faintly snored as he slept like a rock, a green pacifier lazily tucked into his maw which he occasionally suckled on in his sleep. Though peaceful in his cozy bed, it was time for the slumbersome, fatty dragon to finally awaken. The digital alarm perched upon the nightstand by his bedside ringing it's familiar, but ever so unwelcome sound, causing Jouigi to wake up and reach over to drowsily hit the snooze button, before tugging up his lime green sheets and rolling back over once again. He was far too tired after eating who knows how much food the previous night, happy to simply spend the entirety of the day in his comfy bed.

But without hardly five minutes passing, a distanced 'thump- Thump- THUMP!' could be heard, and before long an absurdly large, obese kangaroo-dragon busted through the doorway, loudly purring with his colossal tail swishing and beating against the walls with delight. The energetic fatty happily waddles over beside Jouigi's bed, wearing a fairly thick, excessively poofy diaper which crinkled and rustled with every step he took. "Jouiiiiiigi! Time to get up, buddy!" The roo happily exclaimed whilest softly nudging Jouigi with his paws, leaning down to give his plump, doughy cheek a nuzzle.

Jouigi blushed and rolled over to see the looming, obese fluffball by his bedside, sitting on his immense padded rear and awaiting a response. The dragon narrowed his eyes and roared, trying to be a big, scary dragon in order to simply return to his slumber, only to be greeted with a big, fat hug in return. The roo smushed Jouigi's face between his tremendous, rotund breasts while he snuggled him, squeezing and pressing the plump dragon into his own thick, hefty, pudgy frame. "M-Mmmph!" Jouigi, blushing brightly, muffled and fidgeted in that doughy fluff before managing to poke his head out of that tremendous bosom. "O-Okay, okay, Roo! I'm up, I surrender!"

Roozard smiled and giggled, playfully releasing his friend before giving him an affectionate slurp to the cheek, standing back up before waddling over to the closet to help Jouigi get his attire for the day. "You silly fatty, you ate so much last night you forgot the date again, haven't you? You know what day it is today?" Roo rummaged through the closet, his fat, diapered butt swaying and waving around as his tail flicked this way and that through the air behind him. Jouigi blushed, putting his pacifier aside on the nightstand before rolling out of bed, pondering what the date could be.

"U-Uhh.. Is it.. Lunchtime?" Jouigi gave a bashful smirk, his stomach letting out a loud, greedy grumble as it demanded even more food. "Hehe, no you silly dwaggie, day, not time. But we'll get ya fixed up here soon, after all.. It is your birthday!" Roo giggled playfully, having grabbed Jouigi a thick, poofy diaper of his own, as well as his green hat, dusting off the 'L' embroidered on the front of it before jovially placing it upon Jouigi's head, fitting his horns through the holes either side and giving him another big hug afterwards.

Jouigi's little ears perked, his tail began to wag furiously, and his wings fluttered in sheer delight before eagerly returning the big hug right back to Roo, burying his face in his bosom as their two large, distended bellies smushed against one another, wobbling about. "Oh my gosh, I completely forgot!" Jouigi was flustered and overjoyed by the sudden unbeknownst news, making Roo giggle all the more at his reaction. "Hehe, I know ya did buddy, but I didn't! And I've got everything set up for ya, go ahead 'n get yourself ready 'n I'll see ya out in the living room." Roo gave Jouigi's snout a nuzzle before turning and strolling off out the door, having to wriggle and wedge his humongous paunch and astonishingly wide hips though the snug doorway.

Jouigi was ecstatic, and did his best to put on his padding as quickly as he could, accidentally putting it on backwards the first time, before getting it right. Then running over to his closet, causing the contents of the shelves and drawers in his room to quake with each hefty step. Looking around the dimly lit closet for his favorite shirt before hastily grabbing it, tucking his head and arms through the green, pear colored fabric before pulling it down as far as he could over his obese moobs and rotund middle, a Bowser icon on the front of the shirt stretching and distorting as his attire attempted to encompass all of that hefty, doughy pudge.

Nabbing his red scarf and tying it around his neck before bolting out the door after Roo, also having to wriggle his way past the snug door frame before managing to make his way through. Jouigi ran out into the large living room, taking note that the majority of the furniture that had previously decorated the room had been moved elsewhere, curiously looking around with a raised brow before Roo waddled in from another part of the house. "Oh, there ya are! Took ya long enough, hehe. Go ahead 'n sit down and I'll grab you your present! I spent a looooong time on it, so I hope you like it, buddy! And no peeking!" Jouigi blushed brightly, eager to see what on Earth it could be, sitting down on the carpet before covering his eyes with his plump paws.

He could hear something being dragged slowly across the carpet in bursts. It sounded heavy, and large, and with every tug Roo grunted from the sheer weight of it, panting and huffing before Jouigi felt something tap against his doughy hind paw in front of him. Roo let out an exhausted sigh and wiped his brow before hefting Jouigi back up onto his hind legs, making him squeak in surprise, blushing brightly all the while. "Alrightys then, go ahead 'n open 'em!"

Jouigi unveiled his eyes, and his maw dropped agape in awe at the sight of an absolutely colossal cake! It was completely clad in white frosting, edges trimmed with pink outlined frosting as a sort of story was painted upon the layers of cake in the icing, descripting Jouigi eating all kinds of food, and getting immeasurably fat, so much so that the entire top layer of the cake was bathed in green icing, as if he'd enveloped it's entirety. Jouigi, at a loss for words stared at the cake for a while before Roo woke him up with another massive hug, pressing him into his doughy frame playfully* Happy birthday, ya fatty dwaggie! And it's all for you!" Jouigi squeezed and snugged in return before the two let go of one another, Roo reaching up to take a huge pawful of cake, offering to feed it to his buddy, causing him to bounce eagerly on his paws and open his voracious maw wide.

Roo happily stuffed the grapefruit sized chunk of cake into Jouigi's maw before shoveling up another, followed by another still. Each humongous bite of sweets causing Jouigi's middle to distend further and further still, seemingly swelling up larger than the bites even were! Every bite of cake not only fattening his middle, but his entire body, causing Roo to snicker mischievously. "A fat cake, for a fat dwaggie, because you are what you eat! And you're sweet, and very, very fat, hehe." Jouigi's ballooned, cake-stuffed cheeks flushed red with blush as he gulped down another several pounds of cake. After a dozen more scoops, he'd become far too hefty to support himself, obese knees buckling from the unbelievable, rapidly increasing weight as Jouigi's legs were forcefully spread apart from the increasing fat of his thighs.

More and more cake was stuffed into Jouigi's maw as everything from head to tail thickening exponentially with the calorie-packed present. Jouigi's claws steadily being enveloped in his fattening digits, while his front and hind paws slowly became enveloped in his flabby, fattening limbs. His breasts and rapidly ballooning gut causing his shirt to tear and give way to the bulging layers of pudge that refused to be contained, while his diaper stretched tight around that swiftly swelling rump. Jouigi's hugely ballooned cheeks and the front of his massively blimped neck coated with rich, creamy icing, while that once loosely fitting scarf was stretched taut around that over inflated inner tube of fat that Jouigi had for a gullet.

Jouigi had nearly taken up the entire room now, Roo having climbed up between the dragon's colossal, hefty breasts to cram the final wedge of cake into that black hole of a maw, causing his scarf to finally snap off and let that massive pudgy neck relax and wobble around Jouigi's head. The mountainous blob of a dragon lapped around his maw and smiled joyiously before he perked his ears, his middle grumbling and growling loudly, causing him to blush before his cheeks puffed and he let out a loud, remarkable "Uuuuurrrraaaaap!" Making his eyes open wide, letting out a sheepish giggle. "H-Heheh.. E-Excuse me.." Roo giggled to himself and gave the pudgy mountain of flab a few affectionate pats to his head before wrapping his arms around that tremendous, juicy neck, hugging his blobby buddy happily. "Oh that's alrightys buddy, you haven't seen anything yet, hehe."

Jouigi perked his ears, slightly concerned by what Roo meant, but before he had much time to ponder it, Jouigi felt his middle let out a loud, aggravated grumble. Churning and growling as the dragon winced softly, instinctively raising his tail before- 'PPBRRRRRRRRT!' Shelves around the entire house jostled, plates falling and nicknacks tumbling from their positions to the ground from the insurmountable fart just let out by the immense pudgy pile of dragon. Jouigi was beyond embarrassed, flustered, and tried his best to cover his face with his paws to no avail, limbs and neck being far too thick to even attempt such a feat. Whining at the feeling his middle beginning to growl heavily once again. "O-Oh gosh I-I'm so sorry Roo, I didn't mean t-" Roo leaned into the crater of neck fat and gave Jouigi's cheek a smooch before hugging him once again as best he could.

"Hehe, you silly dwaggie, no need to apologize, I did this on purpose! You don't get to have enough fun like this, so I thought I'd make ya have some whether ya wanna or not!" Jouigi blushed and gave a soft smile before wincing once more- 'FFRRRRRRRTT!' he blushed, let out an irrepressible belch to accompany his gas, and wagged his colossal tail as best he could. The two sat there together happily as the gassy dragon blob spent the entire day letting it rip, just enjoying being a humongous, gassy mountain of a dragon.

Jouigi's Birthday Surprise!


14 July 2016 at 12:52:32 MDT

Jouigirabbit is such a sweetheart, and he's one of the two people who actually did something for me for my birthday this year, which meant the world to me and I can't possibly thank him enough for being such a sweetie~ So although it's a 'lil bit early, I wanted to return the favor as best I could~

(Forewarning, this story contains Diapers, Hyper Weight Gain, Stuffing, Immobility, Burping, Farting, among other things. Don't read it if you don't like those things, any biased negative comments will be removed without hesitation.)

Jouigi Dragon belongs to: Jouigirabbit~
Roo Belongs to and Story written by: Me~