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Full-filling Friends by Roozard

As the hours of morningtide arose, the sun slowly scaled over the horizon, a pleasant, bewitching breeze blew throughout the trees and between homes. Leaves twirled and danced together through the air before eventually finding their home among their brethren upon the ground. Fall was steadily approaching with the air of each day slowly becoming more frore. As birds began to twitter, nested throughout the trees, a miltank named Becky stirred in bed beneath her sheets. Roused from her slumber by a sound she was always more than delighted to hear, Becky stretched in her bed, tossing and turning while she slowly woke up and prepared for her morning.

"Oh my, I slept like a rock, I hope the birds got plenty of rest, too." Becky sleepily clambered from her bed, opening the curtains to allow morning's first light to wash across her room. She sighed, and placed her elbow on the windowsill before cupping her plump cheek in her hoof, watching the pidgey's playing in the trees who awoke her. Becky began to wag her ball-tipped tail about with joy at the lovely morning, an unmistakable damp crinkling sound making her ears perk before she looked down at her own middle.

Becky often had trouble holding in her vast amounts of milk, and the best way she found to fix the issue, was diapers. Becky over time had grown to not only like, but lover her poofy, protective attire, and it served it's purpose perfectly. Over the course of the night at some point, Becky had grown too full and bloated with her milk and began to leak, now in need of another fresh diaper, the miltank began to head out from her room towards the bathroom.

Upon entering, Becky began her normal morning routine and stripped herself of her padding, gently placing it in the trash before grabbing herself a fresh, almost excessively thick new one. After unwrapping the padding and preparing it for use, Becky readied herself to use a special milking machine she had got specifically for her over-productive udders, having nobody to milk her otherwise, this was immensely easier than attempting to do it by hoof.

After hooking herself up the machine and flicking it on, Becky's overburdened, fairly bloated, and sloshy middle slowly began to shrink back down to a more manageable size. Filling up five full gallon jars with milk before finally being happy with how much she had left in her. "Alrighty hun, time to get to work!" Becky happily strapped herself into her fresh, thick diaper, and hefted up the jars one at a time out into the kitchen, waddling along in her comfortable poofy attire. After having lugged out each of the large milk laden jars onto the counter, Becky pulled out dozens of smaller milk bottles and started to fill each and every one of them to the brim with fresh milk.

Screwing the caps on tight and putting a chibi style sticker of her adorable face onto the side of each, she prepared them for the public before setting them all in one of her several fridges to cool, then going over to another right beside it and pulling out the bottles from the previous day that had cooled down inside, chilled to perfection! Loading up several hand baskets holding twenty or so bottles each, Becky grabbed a backpack with her lunch, a spare diaper or two, along with her milk and headed out the door!

Lugging so much milk was a chore for sure, but Becky loved sharing her gift with the world, her milk made the other Pokemon happy, and she was happy to help! Plus the money she made from it was enough to keep her well fed and housed, so everyone wins! Becky hummed happily to herself before making her way to her milk stand some time later, with a customer already waiting for her to arrive! A fairly fat braixen with a distended middle, and rather chubby frame, was relaxing against the front of the wooden stand, sitting and tossing bread crumbs out for the local pidgey.

Becky raised a brow curiously as she strolled towards her stand, setting her milk down behind the wooden base before peeking over the counter at the cheerful, chubby Pokemon before her. "Uhh.. honey, can I help you? You know you ain't getting any milk 'til it's all set up, right?" The braixen suddenly jumped, the miltank's presence unbeknownst to him before she spoke, his tail poofing up in surprise before the bird Pokemon suddenly flapped off, back into the nearby forest on the other side of the dirt path of the route in which Becky's stand stood.

"O-Oh my! I'm so sorry!" The braixen did his best to stand, his plump middle and doughy frame making it somewhat difficult to get back to his feet. "I just thought it would be nice to feed my little bird friends for a bit before you got here, I hope you don't mind." The braixen blushed as he looked at Becky behind the counter while she set up rows of bottles for display, she looked at him and gave a smile and soft sigh before shaking her head. "Hun, not one bit, I love those 'lil guys so feed them as much as you'd like. Is that the only reason you came all the way out here though?" Becky leaned onto the wooden counter, once again having cupped her cheek in her hoof as she looked over at the braixen.

"Ooh, thank you for reminding me, I nearly forgot!" The braixen looked up at the sign, it had the same chibi picture that Becky had put onto the bottles, it said 'Becky's Best Bottled Milk!' in big red bubble letters. "I was going to do some cooking later today, and I needed a bundle of milk for the recipes, would it be okay if I bought some from ya?" Becky smiled and stood back up before giving a nod. "But of course sweety, as much as you'd like, I've got plenty! How much do you need? Uhh..-" Becky tried to recall her customer's unannounced name to no avail before he realized what was happening.

"Braxy, it's Braxy." He hastily spat out to try his best to help. "And erm.. I think I'll take half, actually. If that would be okay with you, miss Becky. I've got a lot of recipes I'm just dying to try out!" Braxy gave a warm, eager smile and wagged his large, plush tail about behind him before putting a big wooden box on the table for the milk. "Wow, that's quite a lot of milk hun, you sure?" Becky blushed while she began loading the milk into the container, nobody had ever wanted so much of her milk before.

"Mmhmm, positive! In fact.. I'll take it all! Will this cover it?" Becky's eyes opened wide at the payment offered, being nearly double what she normally would price her milk for. "B-But hun, are you crazy? You know this is way more than I normally charge right?" Braxy smiled and pulled out a bottle to drink. "Ah it is? Well that's awesome then, you deserve it!" After having uncapped the milk, Braxy took a sip and his eyes lit up with delight at the sweet creamy flavor filling his maw. "Oh wow! This is absolutely amazing!" After the first sip, he immediately chugged the rest of the bottle before drinking another few afterwards, making Braxy's belly bloat up slightly and slosh about with the heavy milk.

Becky blushed brightly, no one had ever loved her milk this much before, either. "You really like it that much? Goodness hun, thank you!" Her tail wagged and she smiled happily before finding herself staring at her new friend's rather rotund, sloshing tummy. Braxy noticed her admiring looks and giggled to himself. "You know, I think there's only one thing that could make this better. If you could somehow mix it up with some full incense to make it even more filling!" Becky's ears perked and her face flushed with blush at the thought of people swelling up and fattening just by drinking a single bottle of her milk.

"Hun, either you're crazy, or I am, because that's the best idea I've ever heard before and I can't believe I didn't think of it." Becky quickly delved into her backpack and rummaged around before pulling out a bottle with some full incense inside. "I've always loved this stuff, so I tend to keep plenty on hand, hehe." Becky took an empty bottle and captured some of the smoke from the incense, before taking a milk bottle and pressing the two openings of each together, shaking and mixing them until the milk had a very slight orange tint to it. Although the crude method was a tad messy, it was effective none the less, to some extent.

Becky huffed and wiped her brow before putting the experimental milk on the counter. "Since you came up with it, it's free of charge! I hope it's as good as you hoped." Becky twiddled her hooves together nervously as Braxy started drinking, chugging down the entire bottle before lapping around his maw. His belly gurgled and sloshed before it began to swell, growing and bloating up even further and more distended than it had been before. It's fluffs pressed over the side of the counter and even to the point where his gut touched the ground!

The two of them couldn't have possibly been happier with the results, blushing, smiling, and wagging with delight as Braxy lifted and dropped his tummy a few times, squishing his paws into the fat and lapping around his muzzle with bliss. "T-That's the sweetest, richest, tastiest milk I've ever had in my entire life! This has to be the best discovery since.. s-since.. I dunno, milk! W-Would you be willing to come over to my house this evening for some dinner as thanks? You deserve it with how hard you work out here, and I'd love to do some testing with more of this fantastic milk you've made!"

Becky's eyes lit up with delight, having to hold back her want to jump out from behind the counter and hug the obese, bloated fluffball in front of her. "S-Sure hun, just let me grab my things ya big butterball, and we can get to work! Just make sure you can still waddle yourself home though, mmk?" Meanwhile Braxy tried his best to reach for the box of milk, unable to even reach past his now rather distended middle. "U-Uhh.. Sorry to ask this but.. could you carry these for me? I can hardly even lift my belly at this point, let alone all this lovely milk too. And I'm worried I might drop it if I try."

Becky rolled her eyes and smiled "Fiiine, but only because you're making dinner, butterbelly. Lead the way!" Becky hefted up the box of milk bottles and waddled out from behind the counter, making Braxy perk his ears and blush brightly. The counter hid everything below her waist, now revealing her thick, poofy diaper. "Goodness, y-you look-" Becky blushed hotly and tried to cover her padding with the box, looking down at the ground. Most people thought it a bit strange that she wore padding, even if it made sense as a good means to prevent milk spillage.

"You look absolutely adorable with that on! And such a smart way to keep milk from going everywhere too, that's awesome!" Once again, Braxy had made Becky's face flush bright red with blush before she looked over at him. "You.. really think so? You're not pulling my leg now are ya?" Braxy shook his head and smile happily. "Hun, you're too sweet, ya know that? I'm really glad ya came by for milk this morning." Becky smiled and her blush softened, wagging her tail bashfully behind her as the two began waddling to her new friend's home.

As noon sluggishly turned to evening and the sun waned over the horizon, the two made their way down the dirt trodden path, fireflies twirling through the air, seemingly blinking in and out of existence with their luminescent lights. The two finally came to a humongous tree which had been converted into a literal tree house, Braxy waddling his still bloated self up to the door, forcefully squishing his rotund middle against the door with some effort in order to turn the handle. "Here we are! Home sweet home, come on in!"

Braxy strolled inside with Becky following close behind, the two made their way through the seemingly old fashioned, simplistic living room. The sofa was carved of wood with cushions having been expertly put together with it, the same could be said with most of the furniture in the house. Everything was made out of craven wood and natural materials. Meanwhile, the kitchen was of more modern design, having a fully functional stove and oven, dish washer, several fridges, a walk-in storage space, everything a striving cook could ever wish for!

Becky was surprised at how lovely the house was, and how well prepared Braxy was for cooking, looking around constantly in awe before setting the box of milk down by a counter in the middle of the kitchen. "Oh my, hun your house is lovely! This is your house, right? I had no idea a single person could ever need such a huge kitchen." Braxy blushed and smiled, getting out food to prepare for dinner. "Yup, all mine! And considering how hungry I get, I'd have eaten it all already if I could, haha. Why do you think I have such a big kitchen?" Braxy smiled and wagged his tail happily while chopping some veggies. "Could you make all that milk nice and spiced up for us, if you don't mind?"

Becky nodded and giggled in response. "Hehe, you silly fluffball. Glad there's so much here for ya to drink, we can't have you eating your lovely furniture now can we?" Becky began to make bottle after bottle of 'full milk' before placing them on the center counter. "Hmm.. you know, I have yet to try this stuff yet, myself! Do you mind?" Braxy shook his head while he cooked and turned around to smile. "Hehe, it's your milk, feel free!" Becky happily took one of the bottles and steadily drank it's contents, letting out a pleasured, relieved sigh afterwards. The long walk over was quite tiresome, and a nice drink really hit the spot!

Before Becky knew it, she could hear her diaper crinkling while her belly began to swell and bloat up, putting on a soft layer of pudge from head to tail as her middle filled, and fattened. She placed her hooves on her swollen middle and waggled her tail about with joy! "Ooh, this is so wonderful! I can't believe my milk is capable of something like this!" Braxy giggled and watched her play with her plump paunch while he cooked up mac 'n cheese, herb noodles, a few cakes, among other lovely foods using the delicious milk.

After a long cooking session, the two managed to set a large wood table, covered in a decedent red cloth with golden trim with the feast of foods from end to end. Braxy poured the two a glass of the full milk and set aside several bottles for each of them before raising his glass. "Let the feasting begin!" The two smiled and chugged down their glass of milk before happily chowing down on all the food their rapidly swelling bellies could accommodate. Braxy seemed almost addicted to the indescribable taste of the rich, delicious food.

Practically inhaling bite after bite, plate after plate, meal after meal! Becky did much the same but managed to stop herself before becoming.. entirely immobile from the colossal swelling and fattening. Looking across her tremendous swollen middle at her ballooning friend, she saw his seat had given way to his massive rump, and he was now simply laying on his blimp of a bloated gut, no longer capable of reaching the food. Braxy's arms had swollen too much to bend down and reach the banquet before him, his middle had lifted him too far from the ground to reach, his rump was mere feet from pressing against the ceiling, and he still craved more.

"Aww, do you need a bit of help there sweety? This is a pretty good look for you, but I think you'd look even better with the rest of this in that belly of yours." Becky grunted and did her best to lift her swollen body from her creaking chair before hefting up her ballooned gut and waddling over to Braxy. "I-If you don't mind me eating so m-" Before Braxy could finish his thought, Becky had managed to waddle her way over, scooping up multiple plates and bowls before hushing the blimped fluffball with her hoof. "Shhhhh.. Here comes the airplane, open wiiiide!" Becky held up full plates and bowls of food, Braxy blushing after opening his maw for the 'airplane'.

Dumping it's cargo into the already absurdly swollen Pokemon's maw, Braxy gulped down entire meals at once, his body swelling and fattening all the further as his tail thickened, limbs having swollen up to the point where his paws had been consumed by inflated pudge, butt bloating and growing increasingly more doughy and plump, while his cheeks and chin steadily bloated larger. Braxy's middle surging in growth with every meal, expanding outwards in every direction until it had grown so large it had flattened the table and pressed against multiple walls of the dining room.

Braxy had been completely immobilized by his own gluttonous, insatiable lust for the delectable food, his body having bloated and fattened larger than any Pokemon could have ever dreamed. Meanwhile, a rather plump miltank happily scaled up that mountain of fatty fluff before placing her hooves on each of his gargantuan doughy cheeks, and planted a firm, loving kiss on the braxen's nose. "Wh-What w-was that for?" Braxy's humongous cheeks blushed furiously while his tail irrepressibly wagged to the best of it's ability as it was pressed against the ceiling.

"That was for being such a blobby sweetheart, hun. And for making my night, you big cutie." Becky rubbed and played with Braxy's plump, doughy cheeks before cuddling up to him. Resting her head on his now plump, bloated neck, where the two would stay for the rest of the night. Full and content after their insurmountably filling meal, the two could tell this was the first of many to come.

Full-filling Friends


30 May 2016 at 18:33:07 MDT

My half of a very fun trade with Jouigi~ Where two of his adorable characters have quite the first meeting~
I hope you all enjoy it~

His Half:
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