Workout Gains by Roozard

Quite some hours after daybreak, the time drawing nigh to hours of noon, a fairly hefty, and plump blaziken lay lazily in her bed. The sun shining on her from the loosely fastened curtains, rousing her from her prolonged sleep. Letting out a lengthy yawn whilst she stretched, and tossed underneath her covers, she was greeted by the chittering of birds from outside her picture window and not too long after, the calling of her sister from elsewhere in the house.

"Gina, get your big butt out of bed! It's almost twelve already and you've gotta get ready to head to the gym with me, or did you forget again?" The younger of the sisters, Ginger, exclaimed as she strolled over to her plump, older sibling's room. Gina grabbed her glasses from the bedside table and yawned once more prior to tossing off her bed sheets, revealing her pink Hello Kitty pajamas.

Just as the plump blaziken was in the midst of clambering out of bed her little sister barged abruptly through the door. "Come on already, we're going to be-" Before having the opportunity to finish, her sister had given her a big, and fairly plump 'good morning' hug, pressing her lean sister into her pudgy middle. "Yeah, yeah, I got'cha don't worry about it sis! I just wanted to relax until we headed out today, since I've got big plans coming up soon!"

Ginger looked down at her sibling's rather rotund frame and sighed. "That's not the only 'big' thing around here, you really need to stop loafing around the house so much or this is never going to change you know that right?" Ginger grabbed some of Ginger's pudgy belly and gave it a soft jiggle, making her older sister blush brightly. Gina, although unbeknownst to her sister, sincerely enjoyed her wide, doughy figure, and was more than happy to keep it.

On the other hand however, her younger sister was slender by comparison, immeasurably more athletic, and furthermore far exceeding her when opposed in terms of health. So she thought that trimming herself of a few extra pounds couldn't hurt. Ginger released her grip on Gina's paunch and gave her a big hug right back before making headway for the door, raising her hand to wave behind her. "I know that you have a hard time excising but you've got to keep at it, alright? I'll be out here preparing, get your clothes on and we can leave."

Sighing at the thought of what was to come Gina unenthusiastically pulled off her pajama's and adorned her gym apparel, a pair of pink sweat pants and shirt adorned by dual white lines on either side. Though the suit was somewhat too small for her rotund frame, causing her belly to protrude very noticeably from underneath her shirt. Ginger had tried many times in the past to get a more suited shirt for her sister but Gina declined, too embarrassed to concede she needed a smaller shirt.

"Be sure to make your bed by the way! If I keep doing it you'll forget how to!" Ginger yelled to her sister from across the house once again. "Heeey, who's the older one around here again? I got it dun' worry!" Gina replied, and muttered to herself- "Geeze, sometimes I swear she's gotta be the older one, but oh well, she does a darn good job of it that's for sure." Following her sister's routine orders, Gina set up her bed, pulling the disheveled covers and tucking them in neatly, while fluffing her pillows, and setting up her favorite Hello Kitty plush on the folded lip of her bed sheet. Finally with a sigh she was ready to go.

Gina ran out of her room, causing an audible 'thump' with every step she took, leaving her door ajar behind her. "Okay, I'm all good to go, lets do this!" Gina huffed, trying to get in the spirit of things as Ginger hefted up a heavy looking backpack and gave a nod. "Alright then, lets!" Ginger opened the door for her sister who jogged out and began heading in the direction of the gym, her sister locking up the house and catching up in no time at all as she usually did. Gina huffing and panting only a few blocks from home, sweating and already more than eager to call it a day.

Meanwhile Ginger sighed, unable to go off running due to having to tend to her sister, after quite some time the two had eventually made it to their destination. The two went inside the blissfully cool air-conditioned area where Gina proceeded to find a bench to sit on as she usually did, taking a few minuted to recover while drinking a bottle of water from the pack Ginger had brought with her. Wiping off her forehead, Gina made her way into the main room, several other pokemon doing their own sort of training.

There was hitmonlee over in a corner sparring with hitmonchan, a rotund yet buff charizard lifting weights, glaceon with her head in front of an air conditioner, enjoying the cool refreshing air, while Ginger was on a treadmill, jogging as she usually did. Gina reluctantly went over to another nearby treadmill and began to run on medium-high speed, the utmost she could manage with her weight. Meanwhile Ginger was on the maximum setting while refusing to even so much as break a sweat.

The two ran until Gina was at her limit, usually anywhere from an hour or maybe two on a good day, then headed back home. Ginger had her own equipment back at their home but thought it was nice to head out of the house regularly as well to get some fresh air. Upon arriving home they noticed a large mountain of boxes that had been stacked up on their porch, Gina being absolutely elated to see them. "Ooooh, yay! They finally came, I've been waiting for these!"

Ginger was curious and sighed at the thought of what lay inside the dozens of boxes. "You didn't order a ton of Hello Kitty plushies again, did you? You have an entire room filled with them now after the last time." Gina smiled and gave one of the boxes a pat-pat. "Hehe, sadly no, I didn't. But I did get something that you might be happy with! Granola bars and protein shakes, lots 'n lots of 'em! Enough to last even me a month! They say that they're supposed to help you lose weight over time and that they're good for you." Gina smiled, trying her best to lug one of the heavy boxes into the house.

Ginger signed and put her hand on one of the boxes. "I told you before that there's no cheap way to get out of your workout, Gina. I really don't think-" Having gotten the first of many boxes inside, Gina had come back out for another but instead gave her little sis a big hug as she did her best to.. 'convince' her. "Pleeeeeeease? It's not a cheap way out, it's just an.. aid, it'll help! You'll see, I promise! I'll still be doing my workout, no, twice as much working out as well!"

Ginger sighed, embracing her sister before hefting up a box herself. "Well, these have been out here for who knows how long now, no guarantee we could return them anyway, so alright. I want to see improvement though alright big sis? I earnestly don't think you need this much though." Ginger remarked while hefting in her third box, Gina still working on picking up her second. "Th-They'll be fine, don't worry!" Blushing brightly and drenched with sweat from the overbearing workout, Gina loaded another box into the house, attempting to catch her breath afterwards, meanwhile Ginger moved the remaining boxes inside. The two of them pushed the mountain of food and drinks into the kitchen before Ginger went to go take a shower and relax.

"I know these will work, you'll see soon enough. And I'll work out plenty! ..After some video games though." Gina grinned delightedly and unloaded one box into her own personal mini-fridge that sat next to the main one, being about two thirds it's size. Loading it up with shelf after shelf of drinks and bars, once it had been filled she panted in exhaustion, having only emptied one of the many boxes. Still though even after filling the fridge to the brim there was about five shakes and a dozen bars left over. Shrugging, Gina gathered the remaining food and drinks before strolling to her room as an after-workout snack, deciding with all the hard work she had done, that she had deserved a delightful snack.

While Gina was waiting for her turn in the shower, she had powered on her console and reclined in her bed, playing one of her many Smash Bros games while she ate bar after bar, and drank one shake after another. Before the plump blaziken knew it there was nothing but a clutter of empty bottles and wrappers strewn about across the floor and her once pristine sheets. Gina let out a hefty "Uuuuuurp!" and blushed brightly, covering her mouth before gathering up all of the leftovers from her little carbo load into the empty box that was set aside in her room, trying to hide how much she had just eaten from her sister.

Though in the process of doing so, Gina appeared to notice just how much that 'light' snack had added to her figure, her paunch visibly more hefty, and doughy. To thwart Ginger from noticing, she had to burn it off, and quick! So Gina nabbed a few more bars and shakes from the fridge to keep herself going and called to her sister in the shower. "U-uhhh, Ginger? I'm feeling pretty good still, so I'm going to head out for another run, okay? I'll be back in a little while!" Ginger raised a brow in curiosity whilest still in the shower and did her best to reply over the torrent of water. "Erm.. Okay then, I'm glad to hear it!"

Despite the incomprehensible rarity of it, Ginger was delighted to hear her sister was taking off for a second run, hoping that this was the beginning of her sister taking her training more seriously. Quickly heading out the door and running down the sidewalk as quickly as her thick legs would allow her to, Gina traveled all the way down to the gym once more, having consumed all she had brought with her prior to making it midway there, and tossed the rubbish in a bin before beginning her run back. Only to be completely exhausted by the time she had even crossed the street.

Even she had never gotten this exhausted this swiftly before, but it was likely simply that this was her second run of the day and that she had still not rested enough after her previous excursion. Gina panted heavily and wearily made her way back home, sweating, and moaning in exhaustion all the way. By the time she had made it back to her porch her belly seemingly looked even more distended than before she had set out, but Gina was too worn out to look further into it than a simple passing glance.

"I'm- huff.. B-Baaaack! You here Ginger..?" Gina opened the door and announced her arrival, not seeing her sister anywhere in sight, looking around the house Gina shrugged it off, remember her sister was most likely in the garage training some more on her personal equipment or in her room resting after her workout. Completely worn out, Gina grabbed another couple bars and a shake before heading off to her bedroom to take a nap.

The following morning was much like the previous, the sun was shining bright and the birds were chittering happily. But despite Ginger's calls, Gina was still soundly asleep in her bed. Dreaming away as she snuggled her Hello Kitty plush dearly, and fantasized about being so large that she couldn't even leave her bed, eating and playing video games all day long. Before long though Ginger had once again barged into her elder sister's room to provoke Gina from her seemingly endless sleep.

She walked over and put her claw on her sister's side, pressing it into the pudge while she shook her sister softly in attempts to wake her, surprised by how thick the layer of pudge on her sister's side was. "Oh come on now, I know you ran more than you usually do yesterday but this is ridiculous. We've got to get going already!" Gina yawned and rolled over, yawning and rubbing her eye sleepily. "Y-Yeah alright, sorry. I guess I was just tired from working out so much, I'll be out in just a second okay?"

"Alright then, and don't forget t-" Gina had gotten out of bed, belly swaying softly in her slightly tighter night attire as she began to make her bed. "I know, I know, don't forget to make my bed, I got it." Ginger smiled softly and headed out to prepare her bag with some refreshments. Gina readied herself and adorned her workout attire once again, noticing that it was a bit more snug than usual, shrugging it off, she simply strolled off to the kitchen with her own backpack, a bright pink one with Hello Kitty on it, of course.

"Hmm? What're you doing I already got us everything." Ginger peeked into the kitchen to see her sister shoving several dozen bars and half as many shakes into her pack, filling it to the brim to the point where she could nigh scarcely even manage to zip it closed, she sighed and crossed her arms disapprovingly. "You know.. I highly doubt you're really going to need that many, one or at most two should do it." Gina blushed, remembering the two dozen she must have packed away just last evening alone.

"N-Nah, I'm not going to eat all these at once, don't worry! These will be for the entire day and I'm not going to eat them all, just taking on some extra weight to carry with me for the work out, ya know?" Ginger, not exactly buying the story sighed and shrugged her backpack into a comfortable position, grabbing the straps with her claws. "Fine then, if you say so. Lets get going then before all the equipment is taken up and we have to wait our turn."

Gina pulled up her backpack, hardly even managing to stand steady with the hefty weight on her back, being far heavier than she had expected. The two ran off to the gym, Gina had taken almost twice as long to get there opposed to the day before thanks to the added weight of the backpack as well as her own. Eating a couple bars along the way with a drink in between. Ginger was concerned, and put her claw on her sister's shoulder as she sat on the bench to rest for a moment and catch her breath.

"You look like you wore yourself out a lot more than you thought yesterday, and with all that extra weight you should-" Gina blushed brightly and hastily tried to make an excuse, thinking that her sister was remarking on her plumper gut. "I-It's not extra weight it's fine, I've been working out plenty and i-it'll be nothing no time, promise!" Ginger gave a pat to her shoulder then sighed and made her way for a treadmill. "Alright then, if you say so, just don't overwork yourself now."

Gina, flustered and already exhausted, let out a sigh of relief and melted on the bench as she relaxed. Taking out another handful of bars, eating them one after another before heading into the main room to run. Having difficulty with her usual setting on the treadmill, Gina found herself only capable of managing medium, huffing and running for an hour or so before going back home. By the time they had made it there the only thing remaining in her bag was a cluster of wrappers and empty bottles. Despite the bag being empty all that weight had simply shifted locations, now being in the pit of Gina's much more distended belly.

Panting and having difficulty lugging her new weight around Gina did her best to keep pace with her sister who obviously took notice of the added weight. "Gina.. I want you to go running two times a day from now on- huff.. Alright?" Ginger looked over to her sister and looked at her middle. "Wh-What? T-Two times a day are you sure? I dunno if I can handle all that!" The two slowed to a stop, Gina bending over to put her claws on her knees, belly wobbling about while it gurgled and sloshed.

"I hate to say it but.. you've put on weight lately and you need to work it off, so it's final. You need to get out more and train, alright?" Ginger put her claw on her sister's back and leaned over to try and comfort her winded sister, who gave an exhausted nod in return. Once they had caught their breath the two sisters returned to their humble abode where Gina once again stocked up on bars and shakes in her pack before heading out to continue her run while Ginger retired to the shower prior to her weight training in the garage.

Gina ran twice a day and loaded up her pack every time prior to heading out. Eating and drinking several dozen bars and shakes with each passing evening. A week had passed since the first few days of her new program had taken place, since she had begun to constantly eat and drink the food she had ordered. Gina had prepared to lay down in bed for the night, putting on her pajama's with much effort before clambering under the comfortable covers. Having a hard time even getting into bed due to her now humongous size.

Gina's belly drooped down noticeably far in front of her past her knees, her breasts had grown too large for the majority of her clothes, her rear, thighs, and legs also having thickened and gotten far too plump to be housed by anything but her jogging pants or pajamas at this point. It was inevitable.. but it finally happened. Later in the night in while Gina was in the midst of her slumber.. Shhhrrriip! Gina's eyes opened wide as she tossed to covers off herself, seeing that her immense obese belly and plump thundering thighs had refused to be imprisoned by her teensie little pajamas any longer. Bursting out of them and having completely ruined her absolute favorite attire.

Gina cried out in distress which caused Ginger to stir from her sleep and quickly come running to her sister's room, barging in the door without a second thought. Her sister quickly pulled up the covers around her to hide what had happened, shaking softly from the catastrophe. "Wh-What happened?" Ginger ran over with such haste that even she was winded, Gina, completely embarrassed, wriggled under her covers some, trying to make her gut seem less remarkable.

"I-I erm.. Just had a really bad dream, I'm sorry sis, it's alright." Ginger regained her composure and walked over to give her sister a comforting hug. "Alright then, try to get some rest, you'll need it." She began to make way for the door before Gina did her best to interject. U-Uhhh, sis? I think I'm going to head out for an early run tomorrow though if it's okay with you. I need to try and run when it's cooler outside, it would be a nice change of pace for once."

Ginger put up her hand to wave behind her and smiled sleepily before yawning. "Just be careful okay? I'll be here when you get back so we can head off to the gym." Gina nodded somberly, knowing her sister couldn't see her expression before hastily taking off her shredded attire, putting on her running clothes before grabbing her backpack full of bars and shakes and setting out to get a replacement, as well as some other new clothes that might make it appear as if she was able to fit into something once again.

Gina had run all the way to the store, an admittedly good workout, even for Ginger, but it did take her literally half the day to go there when it would have taken her sister maybe an hour or two to get there and back. The whole time people staring at the overly plump blaziken in clothes that couldn't even begin to cover over her huge, wobbling, distended gut. It shook, and swayed with every step she took. Her thundering cheeks jiggling about as well, blushing very brightly as she desperately got new clothes as fast as she could.

The rotund blaziken picked up a whole new wardrobe from pajamas, to general attire, even some new workout clothes. Though her workout and sleeping attire looked to be the same as her previous to try and keep Ginger from noticing too much. She made her way home, the entire day having gone by and another backpack of food resting in that already overburdened stomach, already poking out just as much from her brand new suit as the old one did to start with.

Another week and a half passed and at this point Gina was nearing the end of the the food she had ordered. Even the new clothes that she had gotten seldom hid the vast folds of doughy flab she had acquired over the month that had passed. Her cheeks, breasts, middle, limbs, even her claws had fattened significantly. At this point the dream she had had multiple times in the previous weeks of being stuck in bed playing her games didn't seem like such an impossibility at this point anymore.

Gina tried her best to make her way out of bed this morning but.. She seems incapable of doing so. Her belly had grown so large, so hefty and rotund that the sun no longer shown upon her face in the mornings. Her gut blocked it all, it even pressed heavily up against the wall in front of her. She had grown so heavy that her bed was on the verge of splintering underneath her vast weight, the once chubby blaziken that Gina had been in the past was now hidden underneath an immense, thick doughy layer of blubber.

Gina sincerely didn't want to disappoint her sister and admit how much she immensely enjoyed being this large and heavy but.. she did! The feeling of her weight being enough that the bed couldn't contain or hardly even lift her, the feeling of constantly being so full, and large, it felt amazing! But despite the wonderful flabby feeling, she was upset at herself that she had gone so far out of line from her sister's training.

Ginger strolled into her sister's room and sighed as she made her way over to her sister's bedside. "Come on, give me your arm." Doing so, she helped her bloated ball of a sister out of bed, grunting and heaving her up into a sitting position before sitting on what little was available of the corner of the bed. "You know.. I knew this would happen." Gina's eyes opened wide and she blushed brightly, putting her thick claws on her immense obese middle. "Y-You did?" Gina pressed her claws into her tremendous, overbearing, distended blob of a belly and looked down dejectedly.

But before she knew it, Ginger had reached over and taken her claw before giving her much.. much bigger sister a hug. "I knew this would happen, and I knew it's what you wanted, so I made it happen for you one way or another. At first I thought I could get you to run off how much you were eating, but you just ate more while you ran, and it just kind of.. snowballed, I guess." Ginger pressed her claws into her sister's bloated side and gave a soft, endearing smile. "It isn't want I would want personally, but if you're happy with it then I am too I suppose."

Gina, overwhelmed with joy, gave her sister a humongous hug into her even bigger gut and side, all teary eyed and overjoyed. "Th-Thanks sis!" The two smiled and hugged in the bed as it creaked and groaned loudly in protest of the immense weight. "I have one requirement though." Ginger climbed off the bed and put one claw on her hip while the other smushed into her sister's obese middle. "You still have to waddle your big butt down to the gym with me every day, got it? You can be as fat as you want but you gotta stay healthy."

Gina blushed vividly and groped her doughy, plump sides, giving a nod prior to the legs of her bed snapping under her monumental weight. "U-Urf.. A-Alright, I'll do my best 'l-lil sis!"

Workout Gains


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My half of another trade I did with Jouigi. It was pretty fun, and definitely one of the biggest stories I've done in quite some time now.

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