Roo-ting for you..~ by Roozard

Roo-ting for you..~


31 December 2015 at 00:12:16 MST

The past few months have been a very hard time for me when I've been in dire need of support from my friends. But due to some recent happenings, I've been too frightened to reach out and actually ask for aid from most of them excluding a handful who I thought really connected with me on the matters I was going through. Starry was one of those people, he is beyond sweet and kind and all around loving 'n fantastic and always offered a helping paw and listening ear when I needed one..~ And even when I insisted I didn't deserve any gifts he wanted to make one for me anyway to show his support. He asked that I post it, and I'm more than happy to do so in return for his kindness~

I've never had a vent or feel good picture before like this. And all I can say is.. Thank you Starry, for being so wonderful. <3

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! *hugs* I hope things have gotten better.

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      Things have, thank you~ <3 Huggles

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        *rubs big gravid tummy* You're welcome ^^