Roo's Charitable Gain Pt.5 by Roozard

Roo's Charitable Gain Pt.5


10 August 2015 at 01:34:10 MDT

Looks like it's time to move a Roo to a better suited location, otherwise instead of a field of grass it's going to be a field of fluffy flab as far as the eye can see. (Not that I would mind that~) But thank goodness this truck is strong enough to heft a Roo around~ Meanwhile a fluffy kitty seems to still be stuffing Roo silly with as many sweets as he can stomach~

I adore everything about this picture, the thick fatty tail, massive doughy rump and belly, the chubby moobs, and neck, 'n arms, and cheeks~ Plus the cute Rooey paws sunken into his doughy legs~ And all the detail put into the truck and background, it's fantastic and I can't thank a Gecko enough for working on this for me~

Drawn by: Gecko

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    How does roozard feel and how long does it take for the fat to burn off? Does roozard hate exercise?

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      A Roo feels fantastic~ I don't believe he's ever exercised in his life though, hates even the thought of it uwu

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    Are you going to make him bigger?

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      Of course~