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Oh my dayum! -- by maquenda by Rooth

Oh my dayum! -- by maquenda


31 December 2013 at 10:18:51 MST

maquenda -- who once did this great piece of Rooth and a falcon -- took on another commission earlier this year. I saw a pic of  shereth done I think by fivel, except he was drawn as a girl. I hadn't known that at the time, all I saw was a gorgeous dragoness of similar species to Rooth, so I thought a scene like this would make a great piece. Shereth concurred, and this piece was born. :)

So there's Rooth, doing some sort of Portal study, and lo and behold something catches his eye enough to distract him from being nose-deep in tabletland. I think his expression says it all. :) Too bad Shereth didn't notice him staring and gaping. Or, wait, is it more creepy or less creepy if she had noticed? ;)

Maquenda added the couple in the background, and went way beyond expectations with all the detail in this piece. I keep discovering new things about it! Take a good close look. :) (no, there isn't a Tardis anywhere, just lots and lots of detail)

Art © 2013  maquenda

Character, Rooth'ragon © 1991-2013 rooth (me)

Character, Shereth ©  shereth

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