Spanking Time by Ronaldmccoon

Spanking Time


4 April 2014 at 01:41:26 MDT

A gift art from my mate Foxy he got from LtSmiley of me spanking. Foxy made a story for the pic:

Ronald have wounder the last couple of days way Foxy's diaper is always dry. The only thing is that it seems to be is messy at some times. Ronald thinks that Foxy use the potty instead of his diaper like a good cub should. So Ronald decide that he need to setup a trap for Foxy so he can take him in the act when he use the potty. And Ronald don't need to wait so long to get the proof he needed. And you know what happen with bad cubs? Yes, they get spanked and Ronald decide that foxy needed allot of spanking for this over his lap where he easy can make Foxy's butt red like all naughty cubs have. Ronald hope that this spanking teaches Foxy that he should use his diaper like a good cub should. That is what it is made for after all. And that is what Ronald want Foxy to use. Potties is for big boys and Ronald don't think that Foxy is there yet.

Ronald still believes that there is a potty monster that lives in the potty and he don't wont this monster to take Foxy. So that's way he should use his diaper so he doesn't need to be worry about losing his best friend to this monster.

Art © LtSmiley
Ronald © ronaldmccoon
Foxy/story © abdl86

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