Let's go by Ronaldmccoon

Let's go


29 March 2014 at 20:53:10 MDT

A wonderful surprise pic that Foxy from IB have gotten me. I actually didn't know this was done until I was scrolling through my commission notifications and seen this pic (which made me blush) Once again I suck at writing stories for pics so I'm going to "borrow" my bro's story ^_^

Ronald and his friend/boyfriend was out shopping that they do every weekend together. And it is always the same thing when they come to the diaper section at the store. Foxy dont like to be at that part of the store. It always make him worry allot that someone should notes the diaper that he is wearing under his pants and understand that the diaper is for him. In the beginning Ronald let Foxy go away so he dont need to be at that part of the store when Ronald shop the diaper for both of them.

But Ronald have notes that when he let Foxy be alone he is up to some weary naughty things like visiting the big boys bathroom and trow things on the floor. So Ronald have decide that he always should have Foxy close to him so he can watch over him and make sure that he dont do any things bad.

And like you understand that means that Foxy need to stay in the diaper section now when Ronald is shopping for some new diapers.

Foxy © abdl86
Ronald © ronaldmccoon
art © rainydays

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