diaper pat time by Ronaldmccoon

diaper pat time


29 March 2014 at 00:13:32 MDT

Sorry for the boring title, but this is a great pic that I bought from kalida from FA of me and Foxy just playing with blocks. I guess he must have seen a lump in the diaper or smell it because he went to check my diaper blush And here is his Story:

Like i bet you know Foxy and Ronald is the best of friend now. And some time when they play together and Foxy notes a special smell or wont to have some fun whit Ronalds diaper butt he decide to check to see if he is a messy butt.

But the thing is that Foxy have a weary special way to check for messy diaper. Adult always pullback the waistband and look down in the diaper. The Foxy messy diaper check is that he pat his cute diaper butt and see what happens if the diaper smells more or change colors.

He do this kind of diaper check because he love to pat Ronalds poofy diaper butt.

Art © Kalida
Foxy © Foxy
Ronald © Ronald K. Coon

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