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Campfire delicacies by Rollup

Campfire delicacies


10 May 2014 at 09:58:23 MDT

Commission for sulferdragon (on FA) of his character Sulfer.

Marhmallows... I haven't had any in years. It's probably even been decades since I've last eaten any ones cooked on a campfire. I'm missing out!

Character is a property of his owner.


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    This is probably one of the most practical uses for fire breath. It totally eliminates the risk of the marshmallow melting off the stick and right into the campfire. xD

    Really nice work, I absolutely love the coloring/shading! It looks very crisp.

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      Thanks a lot!

      Incidentally, fire breath is definitely also how he started the (off-screen) campfire!

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        So many great uses for fire breath. Kinda makes me wish I could breathe fire, too!

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    GOSH man, this is puuuurty. Looove that lighting

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    Love this!