My commission queue is currently full, but you may still propose me a project on to show you're interested.
If a slot frees up for any reason, you might make it in! Otherwise, I'll still put you on a list of people who are to get advance warning whenever my next round opens.

Follow this link for more information.

Hey you guys!

You may know me as Rollup from, ExTo from FA, Rollup from SoFurry, from FurryNetwork, RolledUp from DeviantArt or either RollupArt or RollupAfterDark from Tumblr.

I like to talk about anything! Games, music, faux-losophy, mittens... whatever, really! (I'd be long-winded enough to write 3 pages about mittens anyway) Just ask for an IM address and if I'm in a talkative mood, I'll add you.

I also happen to be a professional translator, so if you could use having something translated between English and French, I can help!

Can I contact you?
Feel free to hit me up on Telegram at RolledUp.

Check out my accounts on other websites: | FurAffinity | SoFurry | FurryNetwork | DeviantArt | Tumblr (SFW) | Tumblr (NSFW)

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Work finally slows down, so art will finally ramp up again!

on 13 August 2017 at 18:08:20 MDT

Hello, everyone!

First off, thanks for bearing with my lack of drawing in the last month. As many of you of may already know, I’m self-employed, so work tends to come in droughts and floods. These past few months, I’ve been busier than ever, chaining major contracts one after the other, and my drawing time was reduced to 0.

However, I’m now back to part-time for the foreseeable future, so I’ll be able to get back to drawing on a 1-to-3 days a week basis, with my ongoing commission queue of course being top priority. You can finally expect new content to hit my gallery within the next few weeks!

I once again thank you all for your patience, especially my commissioners who have had to wait through this long, unexpected pause.

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    you are an amazing artist! I really like that picture you did for Fareed.

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    How are things going for you? =)

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      They're going fine, I suppose! I don't have much to say, truth be told.

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        That's okay. Glad you're doing well! ^.^

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    You are too funny :) Pangolins are +fave! <3

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    Hello c:

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    I have had your gallery in an open tab for months and months thinking "I'll get around to checking out this guy's stuff sooner or later" and man I really should not have put that off so long. Really awesome work!

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