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Going away

on 26 March 2016 at 09:30:30 MDT

Just been thinking a lot about how different the fandom is from when I first joined FA back in 2012....Times were different...It wasn't a lot about who has the best suit or who makes the suit. It was about having fun and making people smile.

Also the stupid crap the Chinese website DHGate is pulling is appalling
It just pains me to see this and makes me worried about my suit so I am not going to posting photos of my suit anymore on here or any web browser expect for Twitter, which for the time being is private.

I also have decided to remove my photography on my FA because someone a few months back has stolen my work among some of my other pieces I was paid for and didn't remove my watermark, I am sorry but I work really hard on every piece I take and work on in post editing. So for that reason I am not longer associating Roko with my photography, it is a smart business move and will make things a lot easier in the long run. So if you want check up on how I am doing, Twitter is your best option, Please send a following request and don't be mad at me if I decline you....if I don't know you or haven't ever talked to you I won't add you. Also conventions, I did remove most of my info on my profile but left the convention part up for people to know where I will be heading off to throughout the year.

No I will not be gone forever, but I am just focusing on more important things in my life right now.
No I will not be selling my suit either.

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