Aurali's Tail by Roki (critique requested)

Aurali's Tail (critique requested)


9 October 2012 at 15:26:56 MDT

This is a tail that was commissioned from us by Aurali. I did the pattern and cut out the pieces, my other half, Van, did the airbrushing, assembly, and made the spikes. The tail is made of two piles of fur, both white so we could airbrush them to the proper color. The horns are on washers and baked onto screws so that (ideally) they can be removed if the tail ever requires washing. It also velcros up in the base so the cotton batting and wire stability can be removed. We opted for cotton batting instead of stuffing, so the tail will hopefully not lose its shape over time.

This was our first try at a tail, so there are things we could have improved, but overall I think it wasn't a bad start! If you can see anything we ought to do differently in the future let us know.

I'll be using the leftover fur to make ears and a plush pony for Auri too. :)

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    Do you have other examples of your tails? This one looks really nice and i am interested in getting a tail from you. :)

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      Why thank you, this is actually the only one we've done! :) Aura contacted us and said "hey, think you could try it out?" and we said "sure, why not?"

      If you have a picture example of what you might like I can work up a quote for you though!