Aden and Ikodo Art Cards by Roki

Aden and Ikodo Art Cards


9 October 2012 at 13:02:56 MDT

Done aaaages ago...This is a pretty good example of an art card with a scrapbook paper background. The guitars and molecular skulls-and-bones are shiny metallic silver.

I sort of wanted to test the collections feature too.

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    Collection worked \:3/ I'll be inviting Ikodo once we open those up, too

    \Still love these

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      Yay! :D I'll have to add Ikodo too once he's here.

      I freakin' love this feature. Do you get notifications for comments on this submission now?

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        Talked it over with Kihari and apparently I would not currently get those notifications, but we both can't believe we didn't think of that. It's a great idea, and Kihari's going to see about implementing it sometime in the near future (possibly this weekend, maybe a little later). Thanks for asking c:

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          Awesome! Glad I asked then, haha! :D It makes sense if you think about it, so many people ask about a character they just happen to like.

          Say, is there a way to differentiate between collaborators and people who just get offered something for their collection? I have a bunch of things I've collaborated with my fiance on (mostly modified Nerf guns) and I'd like to list him as co-creator rather then just that guy who happens to also have something of mine in his collection.

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    Aden, there is that other picture where you look cool but Ikodo looks ADORABLE, this is the picture where Ikodo looks cool and you look ADORABLE! :D

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      Vhat a twist!