Dragonite Needs Her Hero by RoflCopt_R

Dragonite Needs Her Hero


31 December 2015 at 04:57:41 MST

You're a real lucky wolfie-wolf, sexy~ Now why not start off with my feet ;3

YAY I'm sinning on HeroWolfMod 's birthday!!
It's just his dragon waifu, Diana, asking for some ..special assistance ;3
Whether or not Ralphy augmented her assets, it's all up to the imagination.

I also know him as raxelmaestro . Hello to you once again from another account! ^^

Basically, he's an awesome dude, and an even better friend.
Keep doing what you're doing, buddy! Hope your life leads to success!
H-P-B-D, my friend :D

Alright, now for a New Years Picture.