Happy Holidays! by RoflCopt_R

Happy Holidays!


24 December 2015 at 07:34:29 MST

*I don't celebrate any of the festivities going on, apart from the video game ones :3**

Hey everyone. The festivities are upon us.
So let me take this opportunity to say, Happy Holidays!

It's been a blast making art and music for you guys this year of 2015.
I've spiked up from 150 to nearly 600 Watchers in a year!
Thanks a bunch for that, peeps!

In return I'll be sure to give you guys as much art and stuff for you guys to enjoy.
Plenty are coming your way, so keep your eyes out for that.
And make sure to comment before faving cause, I always appreciate the feedback ^^

Once again, Happy Holidays and see you guys in 2016.