2019 Commission Price Guide by Rodent-Blood

2019 Commission Price Guide


14 July 2019 at 12:06:56 MDT

My commissions are OPEN!

All NSFW themed commissions will cost an extra $10 usd

Payment through paypal only!

All commissions must be for paid upfront
-Payment plans on commissions over 60 usd are totally negotiable

The prices listed above are subject to change depending on character complexity

Unless you are commissioning a sketch you will receive sketches and wips of your piece throughout the process of your commission

Once I've completed an image if you need me to alter things there will be a small fee of $10 usd per edit!

When commissioning me please have at least some idea of what you are looking for in your image, (think of the pose or action your character is in/doing. what sort of expression they have etc. it helps me a whole lot in the long run)

When commissioning me please have a visual reference of your character!

If commissioning a custom design please be as descriptive as possible or provide reference materials to help me produce a design to your liking

I am most comfortable drawing anthros, humans, ferals, monsters, mythical creatures, big teeth, pastel things, cute/scary things, etc.
if you aren’t sure if I can or am willing to draw something feel free to ask I don’t bite!

For examples of my work check out my gallery

if you would like to commission me or if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me either by email at candysphynx[at]yahoo.com or shoot me a note!

thanks for lookin'

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