Birthday Feast by Rodent-Blood

Birthday Feast


4 January 2016 at 17:05:16 MST

Vermin made a large meal to celebrate her husband's, Lord Candycane who belongs to my friend Silver-heartcrosser, birthday

I had wanted to do something a bit bigger since I had only been able to do a small sketch for their anniversary on Christmas but unfortunately my big sis went into labor and I got caught in babysitting so I could only get this piece complete :'u

still pretty happy with it overall though!

a good piece to start off the year with :>

thanks for lookin'

art and Queen Vermin © Rodent-blood
Lord Candycane © Silver-heartcrosser

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    This piece is very well done.

    All the little details you do are always very lovely and I absolutely love the way you rendered Lurker here. You always did a fantastic job with him but I really love how you handled him here, especially his teeth. I also like how you did the details to the curtains and the various food-stuffs in the foreground. I have a kink for lighting so I love how you did the lighting and shading here. Vermin looks gorgeous as usual, I love her nebula dress and her hair of course. Awesome work friendo.-✦
    And thank you!

    P.S I am so sorry it's taking me so long to make something decent of these two BUT I have something brewing rest assured ahaha.~

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      ahh thank you ;v; I'm so happy you like it!
      and I'm so thrilled I manage to make Lurker look decent aha he's always so difficult for me to draw
      I worry a lot if I draw him wrong :'''>

      and no worries! You take your time hon I'm certain the wait will be worth it c: