Vindice by Rococospade



8 August 2014 at 10:02:34 MDT

Dug up an old concept from 5/13. Judging by the datestamp on the file I stopped the same week my then-roommate started having one of her drama-fits, which explains why I left a near-finished piece like this to gather dust.
Ah well. Looks better than it would have if I had a year ago. I should probably upload the progress shots with it.

Vindice, god of spite, hatred, grudges and revenge. (His positive aspects, conversely, are forgiveness, affection, and harmony... but the people he's around tend to run more bloodthirsty and angry than loving or peaceful, and so he ends up the same. He's only what you need him, after all).
He is a TOTAL drama queen and does everything as far over the top as he can. He enjoys circus themes, bright colors, tormenting his brother, and body paint. And he's more of a mage than a physical brawler.

The twin of desire.

All (c) to me