The moment he realized he was completely alone by Rococospade

The moment he realized he was completely alone


30 March 2014 at 11:27:44 MDT

Kaeko's tests were exceptionally cruel. True, nothing else would get through his stubborn head, but that didn't stop the slow-burn of resentment roiling in his gut at the thought of that smug, insufferable fox. He hated the cold more than almost anything.
Anything that was alive, now, for certain.
His legs were starting to grow weak, too... though as he walked further and further... and little wads of fluff fell from the sky... he thought maybe he wasn't so cold after all.
And when he'd walked in the cotton-fluff for what seemed to be forever, he even found his coat warm. And he found himself growing tired, and when he staggered on a mound of very thick, very wet fluff, he fell over. And since he was so tired, he decided to stay there for just a short nap...
Murchadh decided that land patrols were stupid, and letting his own sense of fairness force him to share them with his soldiers was also stupid. He was the lord, damn it! He shouldn't have to do stupid land patrols!
He knew he'd continue with stupid land patrols. He grumbled to himself anyway, if only to hear something besides the wind and waves, and glared at a snowflake that decided landing on his nose would be AWESOME.
Then he tripped over a lump in the snow and faceplanted. Ow...
Twisting around while snarling to himself, he noticed the lump was kind of... bright red. And, having lived at the south pole for all of his life, Murchadh was... understandably certain that snow did not come in bright red, even in the most exceptional conditions, on its own. He blinked, reached out, and start digging through the snow to see what he'd found.
Legs, mmmhmm, tights, yes, a jacket... black hair...
"... I... what... WHAT THE HELL ASRIK?!"

A picture I started when the weather was cold where I live, and was then worked on over several months. We had another cold spell the last two weeks, along with rain, which SUCKED because beach plans!
Anyway, this one also spurred an RP with CalledFox. She kept calling it cute and I kept correcting her with 'no he's gonna get hypothermia and die'. She decided that Murchadh was saving him, and thus... the above more or less occurred.

Art and Asrik (c) to me
Murchadh (c) CalledFox

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