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Birthday Rooster - Gift Art by Rococospade

Birthday Rooster - Gift Art


Hey it's MissMonie's birthday! Please go yell some kind wishes in her direction!<3 She asked for art of Ascelin, so a criminal cockatrice looking fabulous is what she got.
Ascelin's general aesthetic is based around punk themes, and he sews or modifys a lot of his own clothes (this is something of an open secret, honestly). His hair is naturally green. No one is sure what his parents were, but as best as they can identify he's a... sort of... siren. He was adopted by some elves after they found him raiding their animal troughs for food.
He talks with an exaggerated country accent to throw people off. If a guy in a leather coat and a PVC choker sidled up to you and said 'howdy', you wouldn't take him seriously either, admit it. His siblings side eye the hell out of this strategy.

I started this yesterday, then got up early and finished it today. Please don't be like me, kids. I want to say it took about 6 hours total to manage, sketch to final.
(I got to the color flats and showed my sister, and we both cry-laughed at him looking like an edgy Pokemon NPC.)

Thank you for viewing! <3

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