Secret Keeping by Rococospade

Secret Keeping


22 May 2020 at 09:50:11 MDT

Something of a continuation of this, as someone wondered in the comments what led him to fixating on difficult choices. Well... here's your answer, in some manner. I'll let you decide for yourselves what he means by it.

I updated his design! I wanted to make it a little more interesting. So I added some jewelry to reinforce the Art Nouveau theme, added some damage to his antlers, and added a scar because male deer, like most herbivores, aren't very peaceable creatures. His sign is out of sight this time, but it's around. He never goes far from it.

I started this three weeks ago, though it only really took maybe 4-6 days to paint. ("Only". It used to be such things took 20 days. Maybe someday they'll only take a few hours <3) On weekends I work on personal works rather than comms, which is why it took so long. It's definitely a 'personal' piece. Thank you to Sabinmoon for their thoughtful comments (and their patience with me wandering of mid discussion, only to answer weeks later) and to my beloved friends who encourage me to finish things and sit through my waffling about finish and texture with little complaint, if any at all.

Thank you for viewing! <3

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    oh my goood this looks amazing!