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dream weaving ink web by Rococospade

dream weaving ink web


Finaaaally got these two ink nnf this was detailed picture! Here's more of Cammy and the Dreambringer, eventually I'd also like to draw Camilla spinning dream yarn because I like this theme and find it comforting while we're all waiting out the newest world plague.

I'm going to color this later but here's the lines if anyone wants to color it themselves (if you color it and post it, credit me as the pencil/line artist and Savallah as the goat man's owner, please. And leave a comment here because we'd love to see it!) If you'd like a backgroundless version leave me a message and I'll upload one. This is just easier to view on dark backgrounds... though kind of painful for my eyes. I never work off a white background for coloring.

The Dreambringer belongs to Savallah and Camilla is mine - she's making up some dreams for him to carry off to sooth worried sleepers back into resting soundly.

Thank you for viewing! <3

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