Blessed Isle by Rococospade

Blessed Isle


23 February 2020 at 16:25:23 MST

Tyr and Fenrir. I'm not sure if Tyr is injured or just very sleepy, because he is out like a light. Fenrir isn't sure what to do with him.
Fenrir is a warg (giant wolf of norse myth, same origin as the LOTR orc mounts), but his mother is a fox (it's... complicated) so his coat is a bit strange looking. For scale, Tyr is about 183 cm/6 ft tall.
This was part of my daily sketches/paintings from February, but I kept coming back to it, so it took more like 4-5 days. I put down pink as my background color when I started painting. I was originally picturing this to be a lot more greenish, but I liked the mystical quality and ran with it. The fairies and sparkles were added because it seemed like it would add some story (the pink atmosphere was begging to be explained!)
I love these boys a lot. I should try to get some comics out with them soon.

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