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young and beautiful sketch by Rococospade

young and beautiful sketch


Duke Viilinn and Aldhard Voss, two of the characters from Hallowed Apollyon.

This is... sort of Zelda fanart. And most of these two's storyline TBH. Currently working on making it sadder.
The quotes are from the characters. The lyrics are from Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey, which I strongly associate with these two.
The bottom in parathensises isn't accurate to the song. The singer is concerned with her looks - the issue with Viilinn and Aldhard, though, is that as a Gerudo male Aldhard is going to live about... 2-3 times as long as his Hylian lover. So that was where Viilinn's focus was - "can you survive outliving me".
The answer, they found out, was yes. But he doesn't live very happily for much of it. (There's some other stuff to their storyline that I didn't include here. But I do want there to be some surprises for anyone who reads my weird writing AND looks at my weird drawings.)

I did not come up with and don't own the lyrics used in this, they're from Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey, and for full effect you should really listen to it while reading this... comic? I don't even know what this is. Anyway here

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