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Champagne and Saiful by Rococospade

Champagne and Saiful


My New Years picture. Done at MissMonie's prodding.

Flavor text:

Ivan and Yevgeni hail from Basilius, colloquially known as The City of Fairytales or The Dark Lady's City. Ivan is a crimelord (antisocial even by the standards of that group, but probably about right for a male rabbit outside of Lapiniel). Yevgeni is his easily amused, arguably ancient, definitely-not-boyfriend saiful companion.
Ivan's hobbies include hostile (sometimes corporate) takeovers. And in harassing the other crimelords on some occasions.
Yevgeni is rather partial to hoarding, as many saiful are. He is also partial to adopting small children he finds left unattended, as even more saiful are. Small being a relative term when you are a dragon, and sometimes resulting in him bringing home 'helpless' babies who are taller and broader than Ivan's whole person.
Ivan tries not complain too very much about Yevgeni's habits, even when it results in what appears to be a daycare right in the middle of Ivan's living room. Not that he understands why Yevgeni needs so many children, unless he's trying to build an army. ... Which, wait, he's not. Right? Right??

About this work:
I started it a few days ago and ended up in bed sick through yesterday morning. But it's done now, yay!
Video of the process will happen when I convince my laptop that really, I need those files converted, please please please Dirk. A lesson in why you shouldn't name your tech after (obstinate) characters.
Ivan and Yevgeni celebrating new years with some champagne. In retrospect, I could have given Yevgeni the champagne bottle. It would have been funny.

Technically the new year for Pandemonic is February 14th, but let's pretend...
Full size image as ever is available to my $2+ patrons on Patreon!

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