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Dealing with Templar Traders by rockyraccoon

Dealing with Templar Traders


1 August 2017 at 13:58:27 MDT

Art commission by Myla Fox!

if you're on FA please fav on her gallery;

Here's Rascal in ancient Egypt, about to raid a caravan of Templar traders .. gonna be some good shinies to be had!

This is the first real detailed landscape .. full on piece of art i've ever commissioned and i couldn't be happier :3 Oddly enough - its the new Assassins Creed Origins inspired - set in Ancient Egypt, with Rascal wearing Bayek's robes :3 - I dont tend to stick Rascal into any particular time.. he - like i'd love to .. can be anywhere in time at any place.. ancient egypt.. the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy .. anywhere ^^

again - i did not create this amazing piece of art - it is all the work of Myla Fox :)