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Companion Kitty by Rivalmit (critique requested)

Companion Kitty (critique requested)


8 April 2015 at 14:54:16 MDT

A commissioned companion.

I really had a hard time giving this one away. It turned out just so damn adorable that I wanted to put it in the collection of my personal companions ^u^ alas I had to give it away ;v;

This little critter keeps you company on your work desk, always watching over you :P

It has its own little stand to stand on. It is balanced so it stands on her leg and requires no additional support. Infact it is not attached to the stand and can just as easily stand on your hand if picked up.

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    What an amazing sculpture! Great work!

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    Amazing as always.

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    You should post info on how to commission these/price somewhere on one of your pages here on Weasyl, even if its along the lines of "Commissions closed at the moment". Maybe I'm just missing the link. Then again, I couldn't do it at the moment, but it would give me an idea of how much would need to be set aside for a potential one in the future. And, who knows, maybe you'd land other customers here. I assume you're advertising these on some other site.

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      I usually went just by notes. Those who were interested would contact me and so it went. I've been in the process of constructing a price list but I'm still debating what to offer as commissions and what not.
      But I agree I should at least post the pricing for the companions since I get a lot of people interested in them :) It would be far more convenient to have the information public somewhere.

      I'm currently also on FA and DA-this is where I post the rest of non-anthro related art ;)

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      Info is up ;)