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Tigers together by Rivalmit (critique requested)

Tigers together (critique requested)


16 February 2016 at 06:38:34 MST

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Visual / Traditional


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    This is one of the best scratchboard works I've seen in a long time. Well done!

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    Overall very nice, very striking. I would say get some good scratch board and do it on that instead of cardboard next time. Ampersand (I think is the company that makes good scratch boards).

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      Thank you ^^
      I looked up the boards and I agree, some really beautiful stuff can be made with those :) Though I made these scratch boards myself. The point was that I wanted to have multiple different coloured layers to scratch in :P I suppose it is the artist in me that wanted to try out this process by controlling the colour with the depth of the scratch ^^
      I do though agree maybe I should find something better than cardboard to use, even if a lot of my work is experimental :P I just love to try new things ^^
      Thanks for the suggestion anyway :)

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        I understand and the effect you got was fantastic. Just hate seeing so much work and good stuff done on or with inferior materials. Maybe try making your own scratch board but on Masonite?

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          When I'm unsure if what I'm doing will yield any promising results, I'm hesitant to waste expensive material on it. Hence why my experimental stuff is usually low budget ^^'
          But I agree, if the experiment is successful it's better to use better materials in the future for the specific work of art. I just sometimes forget to use better materials and continue with the experimental stuff ^^'
          Hmm, that's not a bad idea :) Now I just need to find where to buy it :D thanks! :)

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            Lowes, Home Depot, any hardware store/lumber yard should have it. And it is pretty cheap really.