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Gryphon head & arms SOLD by Ritz_Bitz

Gryphon head & arms SOLD


So I started making myself a gryphon suit and got as far as finishing the head and arms before I completely lost interest. Avian suits just aren't for me v.v

There's also wings but I didn't finish those all the way (If the buyer wants them, they can have them free) there's also a tail but it came out very badly and I'll be tossing it. I'll include my remaining fur of the 2 types of brown that are used (on the face and back of the head) the rest of the fur is regular black and white and the reddish stuff is MM rust fox (not willing to part with my small stash of it sorry). I'll also include the couple pieces of art I did for the character since the character rights will go with the fursuit.

The head fits anything up to 25 inches, though heads that are 23 inches or smaller may have to pad the inside to get it to fit right. The jaw moves nicely and there's a squishy silicone tongue from DVC.

The head is built on a headbase by y3llow-fr3ak. the eyes are acrylic half spheres colored by me.

The suit is not perfect by any means but it's still really nice. The ears are a little bit crooked and if your head is small it kinda slides around.

The arms are fleece with DVC claws and could use some elastic at the top to keep them on, otherwise they're not too bad. Fingers are just a little short for me.

The head is extremely lightweight, even lighter than my foam head so it's really easy to wear and you wont overheat as fast.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

This has been sold!

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