[2018] Timon - Bug Bites by RipRoarRex

[2018] Timon - Bug Bites


24 December 2018 at 12:39:33 MST

Dated 22/12/2018

Some bugs like to bite people. Unfortunately for this little one, he found an animal who likes to bite back.

So this is what's known in RipRoarRexian circles as a lesser-spotted 'quickie'.

Well, 'quick' in one sense at least - I actually started this all the way back in 2015. But it's quick because of the amount of hours that were spent on it.

It started with the top panel. I can't exactly remember how long the original pencil drawing took, but it wasn't long given the toony style. I know I scanned the drawing in mid-June 2015, redrew and rescanned some of the face a few days later, and slapped on a few quick flat colours. And then, for the next three-and-a-half years, I did nothing with it whatsoever.

Why? Well two reasons. For one, I wasn't quite happy with Timon's face. I know I still haven't yet got the knack of drawing Timon truly faithful to his original style. And secondly, I rather suddenly lost interest in the idea. So it subsequently went completely untouched... until this past weekend.

I have recently been strongly considering uploading more works-in-progress and old or abandoned projects, and indeed I still am. In truth, I was actually getting ready to just upload this picture as an 'unfinished/abandoned' piece. Even so, I didn't feel I wanted to leave it with a blank white background, so I spent about 15 minutes mucking around recycling chunks of jungle backgrounds from some of my old pieces.

Again, I was preparing to upload it like that. But then I got curious about what the picture would look like with a bit of lazy quick shading on it. So I messed around experimenting with a bit of blended shading mixed with some old-style cell-shading that I haven't done for years. Before I knew it, I'd had fun playing around with it for just over an hour and ended up with something that didn't really look like an 'unfinished/abandoned' piece any more.

Then I remembered something. In my original plan for this project, it was going to be a two panel piece. But in all those years, I never even got around to starting the second drawing. So I quickly scribbled a second panel on paper, scanned it, coloured it, and within two hours or so, I'd got my two panel finished piece.

No progress whatsoever for three years... then a completed 'comic' in about four hours. Not bad really.

It's nothing fancy, certainly not my finest work by any means. I'd consider this more of a revived oldie than a true 'new' piece. But I thought I might as well present it to you all for what it is: A nice bit of low-stress, low-effort cartooning. Hey, who knew I could still do that!

I'm sure there's a chunk of my watchers who only follow me for vore stuff, something I am still very much into even if the long absence of such content from my gallery might suggest otherwise. Funnily enough, my previous vore piece was also my last Timon piece, a four-page comic 'A Lunch Between Friends'. (I've got a weak spot for Timon vore, in case anyone's failed to notice - there's something quite irresistible about such a casual creature cruncher.)

In writing this description, I thought I'd take a look back at when that comic was submitted, and I got a bit of a shock. By a complete bewildering coincidence, that comic was dated December 22nd, 2011. Exactly seven years ago to the day. Maybe there's something about this time of year that brings out the meerkat lust in me...!



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    Ok. So would this bug snack be for here or for to go? Oh, wait. Where's the bug???

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      He had 'to go'. Somewhere. Urgently...