[2015] Bubba - Watch Your Step (4/6) *WARNING: Hard Crush* by RipRoarRex

[2015] Bubba - Watch Your Step (4/6) *WARNING: Hard Crush*


27 May 2016 at 06:49:31 MDT

Dated 16/03/2015

WARNING: Pages 5 & 6 contain hard crush

As a giant, Bubba does not take kindly to 'ants' trying to tell him what to do or making fun of his size. However, the heavy duck has found a way to use their words - and his weight - against them...

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This is a six-page hard crush comic featuring my fat duck character Bubba which I started way back in 2010 but didn't complete until 2015.

The first four pages are largely tame in content, but the final two pages contain explicit violence, blood and gore. So my warning is always the same - if you don't like, don't look.



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    Squezeed well... no one can do that better than HEAVY duck

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      More weight to squeeze with...