[2012] Jake - Going Down Under by RipRoarRex

[2012] Jake - Going Down Under


25 May 2016 at 21:42:51 MDT

Dated 12/11/2012

Jake gives you his own special welcome to Australia by showing you what it really means to go 'Down Under'.

A piece featuring another of my slightly more obscure furry crushes, Jake from The Rescuers Down Under.



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    Wow... just WOW!! Jake looks amazing like this. I really liked him in RDU, and basically, he was one of the coolest characters in the movie, besides the following five:

    1. Cody
    2. Marahute
    3. Cody's kangaroo friends (I forget their names)
    4. Wilbur
    5. Bernard and Bianca
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      I can't deny having thought about Wilbur 'that' way as a kid...!