[2012] Brian Griffin - The Beast Of Rhode Island by RipRoarRex

[2012] Brian Griffin - The Beast Of Rhode Island


25 May 2016 at 21:32:17 MDT

Dated 05/06/2012

"Tonight on Channel Five News - a terrifying giant beast is rampaging through Rhode Island. Nobody knows quite where this colossal canine has come from, but there are rumours that he was seen bursting through the roof of a house in Spooner Street, Quahog.
"In other news, a baby with a strange head has reported the theft of a growth ray. Police say they still have no leads.
"And now sports. Ollie?..."

Another appearance for Family Guy's Brian Griffin in my gallery back in 2012.

Rather amusingly, anyone familiar with the real Rhode Island may notice that the city at Brian's feet in this picture is actually a depiction of the real-life Providence, RI, one of the cities on which Quahog is based. I used a number of aerial photographs to try and depict the city with a reasonable level of accuracy - at least as much as could be achieved in this scale and cartoon style!



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    Still one of my fave ones ^.^ we need more macro brian ^^

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      Me too - hence why I reuploaded it! I've been meaning to draw something of Brian again at some point, though can't guarantee it'll be as ambitious as this one was.