[2008] Rexar - Annihilation by RipRoarRex

[2008] Rexar - Annihilation


25 May 2016 at 20:13:50 MDT

Dated 19/09/2008

Strength manifested, ten-thousand feet tall,
A sky filled with muscle preparing to fall.
Power with eyes, selecting his mark,
A sea of souls engulfed in the dark.
And just for a second, their eyes would meet,
The victor relishing his victims' defeat.
His heavy shadow poised for the kill,
The helpless doomed to their master's will.
He chooses his moment, and taking a breath...
...his muscles unleash the crash of death.
The planet lies shaking 'neath the laughing beast,
The air a salvo of his power released.
His weight bears down, the flesh compacts,
The earth surrenders, the tarmac cracks...

A Rexar piece from 2008 which still ranks among the most ambitious projects I have ever attempted. This was another piece to feature my short-lived experiment with a 'lineless' style, which proved a major challenge where the surrounding buildings were concerned.

For some time, this was also used as the introductory image on the homepage of Lava Dome Five, one of my regular haunts during my early days in the furry fandom.



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    My faved pic

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      It's so ooooold. :)

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        Then Remaster it

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          Toooooo much work. Besides, I've somewhat gone off this macro stompy version of Rexar. Won't rule out bringing him back again now and then but I don't really think of him like this anymore.

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            Ok probably in a different angle

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        Your arts are never getting too old. Your style is just so unique and it doesn't matter if You work on your art 2 hours or 2 days

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          Only two days? I've had some projects take five years...