Stop giving me snacks by Rippah Roo'Jizah

Stop giving me snacks

Rippah Roo'Jizah

26 December 2016 at 08:01:09 MST

" Dear Lauren:

How are you doing? You seem to have lost some weight. Are you eating right? We decided to leave you a present We don't want you to starve to death. Our late master would be so disappointed in us if you got sick and frail.

We're still in the sewers if you're able to come and visit us, but we don't want to burden you with obligations of visiting us.

Anyway, time is a bit short and we're almost at your place. Please be safe pretty princess of ours! We wanted to get chicken but Biyomon is the best we could do.

Minion 24, Minion 21, Minion 35, Minion 17, and Minion 19.

P.S.: We don't want to intrude onto how you're living but you really should move to a place with bigger furniture. We can get some for you if you want. "

They mean well, although Lauren doesn't have the heart to tell them to stop leaving tied up digimon for her to eat in her place.

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