Rinji Pantera Reference Sheet & Details by RinjiPantera

Rinji Pantera Reference Sheet & Details


29 August 2016 at 23:44:24 MDT

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This one was a while coming. At long friggin last, I FINALLY have an official reference sheet for Rinji, complete with full pertinent info. While the art aspects were done by the artist who drew this, everything else was done by me. It took several days (or rather, nights) to flesh out all the information you see here and you may notice that it seems like it's missing some details. Well that's because as of this moment, The First Era has YET to be done, with only The Second Era being released.

Nevertheless, there are a couple big spoilers of what happens in Rinji's life growing up. But I figured that you'll figure it out eventually anyway. I've never compiled details on a ref sheet before, so this was surprisingly difficult. But in the end, I find myself satisfied with the way this turned out. And now I can finally point every artist I commission mainly to this!

Will Rinji ever get the Rinnegan? No, no he won't.

Hope you like! ^_^

Art by libra-11
Edits, & Info by Me

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