The Path She Cannot Follow by RinjiPantera

The Path She Cannot Follow


29 August 2016 at 23:28:10 MDT

In light of certain points that were brought up regarding the original, I asked mimic12455 if he could add in some simple clothes for Pachua and Yusuke, since this was indeed meant to be a serious moment; and them being all naked did kinda detract from the intended somber mood of the picture. Don't get me wrong, seeing Pachua's muscle rack or even Yusuke's ass is indeed quite a sight for many, but there's plenty of time and room for that where more appropriate.

So here's the picture as it was intended to be. Kinda unusual, since most people tend to post the clothed version first and THEN the naked version. XD

This is the moment in the Ascension Arc when Pachua had declined to undergo the ascension to become a half-Elysian. With only Yusuke left, he became torn between going through with it, which is what he originally wanted to do, and his love for Pachua and trying to come to grips with the sudden revelation that she doesn't want to ascend.

Shade comes in and helps coax Yusuke towards the altar (Shade doesn't appear in this pic, but he IS there out of frame) and it's becoming apparent that should he go through with it, then it'll be alone because it's a path that Pachua cannot follow for her own important reasons. Yusuke knows this and as Pachua watches him walk away not only from her, but their relationship, the hugely muscled dragoness falls into tears as she can no longer watch as the man she loves is seemingly leaving her forever...*

*Since you all pretty much know anyway, Yusuke decides at the last second to choose his love for Pachua over ascension and the rest is future history.

Mimic really nailed the sadness in Pachua's eyes, as it's the first time we see her in tears. This is indeed a powerful moment between the two.

Art by mimic12455
Yusuke Kamiyama by pyrohawk
Pachua by Me