Rinji vs Schmucky Cover Art - Final Part by RinjiPantera

Rinji vs Schmucky Cover Art - Final Part


28 August 2016 at 00:48:20 MDT

Rinji and Schmucky have been coming at each other with everything they've got. In a last ditch attempt to turn the tide, Rinji risked his eyes and used Amaterasu on his young opponent. At first, it missed. But then Rinji aimed for a spot that he guessed Schmucky would go next, which he ultimately did.

With Schmucky enduring the worst kind of burning he's ever felt, he did something most unexpected and plunged at Rinji, about to tackle him and spread the black flames onto him, which will force him to dispel the technique from them both before Rinji himself succumbed to his own technique.

I'm just going to say that I had been waiting for what has felt like an eternity for this final part. It's been over a year, in fact. In the end, I was offered by Vector-Yamazaki to pick up this last part, which turned out great. I do hope to get some feedback on this based on the concept. The art came through well in that Web conveyed the look of panic on Rinji's face when he realized what Schmucky was about to do, but didn't have enough time to do anything about it.

Art by vectoryamazaki
Schmucky Dog © wobbleblot
Rinji Pantera © rinjipantera

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