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Rinji's Hand Signs


8 June 2016 at 12:46:34 MDT

For those who haven't already figured it out, Rinji Pantera is a ninja based off the Naruto universe. And granted this takes away from some of his originality, it's still a concept I'm happy with and hope to expand upon in more contemporary settings.

And like the ninjas of the Naruto universe, Rinji executes the vast majority of his ninjutsu through the use of hand signs, a.k.a. hand seals. For those who need a brief explanation, hand signs are kind of like sequences of a combination. And there are any number of various combinations that unlock access to any number of jutsu.

Not all jutsu are usable, even if Rinji did use the right combination of hand signs. For example, a jutsu that is based on the water element wouldn't work for Rinji because he isn't capable of water style. Of course, Rinji's elemental natures are fire and lightning.

Certain hand signs are commonly used with certain elements. For instance, the tiger sign is typically associated with fire style techniques and the snake sign is associated with earth style techniques.

Usage of one of the elemental hand signs on its own, assuming one can use that element, can enable that person to use a raw form of that element without any specific shape or form.

It is said to be possible to perform jutsu with hand signs using one hand, but such a feat is very rare even amongst the most talented of ninja.

Commissioned Lineart by Toughset
Colors by Me
Rinji Pantera © Me

PS: Expect to see these hand signs used in conjunction with future pictures that'll feature Rinji performing his signature jutsus. ;)

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    Although i never truly watched any of the Naruto anime (or cartoons? whatever...), this really puts a lot more perspective into Rinji's incredible manuality.

    To be able to make those hand signs in very rapid succession, you must have a really good dexterity, besides an awful lot of years of practice for each one of them...

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      Funny you mention that, because I'd say I have an 80% accuracy at performing any combination of them in rapid succession after that much time of personal practice as more of a habit for my hands. It's actually good for that very reason you mentioned: dexterity

      But it certainly does require practice. But once you get it down well enough, it's pretty cool to do whenever no one is looking. XD